Green Earth Landscaping

Landscaping may seem simple to some, however, there is much more involved in landscaping than just lawn care, shrub trimming, raking, weed control, edging, leaf removal, and other common yard maintenance.

If you have a simple project and feel that you have a green thumb you may want to try out your own hand, however, if you like more complex landscapes you should consider getting help from professional landscapers.

When putting together a custom landscaping design there are many things to consider. For example what kind of grass will grow best on your plot. There are several types of grass, some of the most common are: Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and Zoysia. The grass that you should install goes far beyond choosing the one that you may like the most.

When choosing the right grass you need to consider the temperature, lighting, and drainage just to mention a few factors. You may also need to use what is called Integrated Pest Management Sodding if there are specific pest problems in your area.

Another thing to consider is whether or not a drainage system or an irrigation system are needed. These may be necessary not only for your lawn, but also for any trees or shrubs that will be installed. Grading, leveling, and clearing ground should also be done by professionals. Many homeowners are successful at seeding or sodding, however, hydro-seeding should be left to the professionals.

Hardscaping which basically refers to concrete services such as sidewalks, patios, pavers, brick/stone work and retaining walls can also get complicated. The actual work should be done ivy professionals. The work should also be coordinated with landscape lighting and any arbors or fencing. Installation of outdoor lighting is not something to be taken lightly as improperly installed electrical systems can cause serious injuries.

Waterscapes can also get complicated quickly. You may be able to install a simple koi pond on your own, however, for anything more than that you should get help from a waterscapes landscaper. There is a wide array of options with fountains and waterfalls that you will surely find interesting. Of course if you have water you should also get some help understanding insects and mosquito control.

Most people prefer to let the professionals do bush-hogging and deal with tree care and removal, however, once everything is set regular lawn mowing may be something that you enjoy.

Many landscapers offer emergency services such as storm cleanup at a price that it may just be worth it to not deal with the frustration.

Some trees such as palm trees are somewhat delicate and should probably be maintained and pruned by professionals.

Mechanical repairs and maintenance on equipment and features such as sprinklers, fountains, light, hardscaping, etc. should usually be left to the professionals, however, it depends on the individual problem and the capacity of the homeowner.

Mulching is pretty basic and usually can be done by yourself just fine. You might ask for some advice on the type of mulch that you should use. Regular wood mulch such as pine bark is a common choice and usually comes in fine, medium, or large sizes. Alternative mulches such as pine straw mulch are gaining popularity. Most mulches come in a variety of colors.

Organic lawn care can get complicated, especially when dealing with summer and winter fertilization. However, it can definitely be learned by a homeowner.

As you can see there are many things that can be done by yourself, however many things should be left to the professionals. Evaluate your personal circumstances and most important of all, enjoy yourself!

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